RentMaster gives you powerful options for reporting and printing rental agreements, orders and quotes list, customers and inventory information.
For reports you can select a single record, a group of records created between specified dates, all records, or select records by applying your custom filters and sort order.

The filtering and sorting features give you an easy way to print the records you want sorted by any field. This is very useful when you for example, want to schedule the orders' delivery/pickup. You can filter the orders to have only the orders for a specific date/time, orders by zip code and as a result you'll have all the orders within a specific area printed together which is useful when you're making a decision about orders' delivery/pickup.


Rental Agreement

RentMaster allows you to print rental contracts/agreements.You can easily customize the default terms & conditions and have your own terms & conditions printed on the agreement.


Invoice layout is designed to fit within 2-window envelope so you can simply fold and mail it to the customer. You can add custom text to the end of the printed invoices (thank you message, billing terms, etc.)


Billing Statement

You can generate billing statements for customers using several criteria (all orders, completed orders with balance dues, etc. )


Orders List

Orders list contains information about the order no, starting/ending date/time, customer name and address, and the list of reserved items, providing you with all the necessary information to make decisions about orders' delivery/pickup.


Quotes List

Customers List

Inventory List

Inventory Statistics

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