Customer information

With RentMaster you type your customer information once and start using the same information for future orders by quickly selecting them from the list. You can categorize your customers by using the Customer Type field.

Address information


RentMaster allows you to have more than one address associated with a customer.
There's no need to setup another customer account if an existing customer wants to have the orders delivered to different places.You just add a new address to the customer's address list and use that address for the order. You can store a reference map page number and address directions information with the address.You can label those addresses for easy recognition as well (Home, Business, Billing and so on).
To prevent orders from the areas where you don't serve, RentMaster gives you an option to have a list of the zip codes where you don't take orders from. You will get a warning if the zip code of an address you're adding belongs to this list.

Orders History

RentMaster keeps the history of your customers' orders, and you can quickly take a look at their past orders and payment statuses.

Payments History

RentMaster keeps the history of your customers' payments, and you can quickly take a look at their payments with a single click.

Customer Files

RentMaster allows you to store customer related documents, images, emails and other files by simply dragging and dropping them onto Customer Files section.



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